"Anonymous" means that the artwork has been made by an "Unknown Artist". But it was very unfair not to be able to include in the Master painters list those authors who produced some of the best known masterpieces, simply because we do not know their names. Sometimes archival research later identifies the name, as when the "Master of Flémalle"—defined by three paintings in the Städelsches Kunstinstitut in Frankfurt— was identified as Robert Campin.


"Sleeping Bison" (14.000-9.500 B.C.) The Altamira Caves, Santander, Spain.



"Nobleman Hunting in the Marshes" (Tomb painting) (circa 1400 BC) The Valley of Kings, Egypt.



"The doctor Japyx heals Aeneas" (mid 1st century) Fresco (from the "Surgeon's House" in Pompey). Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Naples, Italy.



"Personification of the River Pyramus" (2th century) Mosaic. Syria.



"Pantocrator" (circa 1123) Fresco (from the church of Sant Climent in Taüll). Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain.

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