William Blake (1757-1827) was born in London. He lived in near poverty and died unrecognized. Today, however, Blake is acclaimed one of England's great figures of art and literature and one of the most inspired and original painters of his time.

His father ran a hosiery shop. William, the third of five children, went to school only long enough to learn to read and write, and then he worked in the shop until he was 14. When he saw the boy's talent for drawing, Blake's father apprenticed him to an engraver.

At 25 Blake married Catherine Boucher. He taught her to read and write and to help him in his work. They had no children. They worked together to produce an edition of Blake's poems and drawings, called "Songs of Innocence". Blake engraved both words and pictures on copper printing plates. Catherine made the printing impressions, hand-colored the pictures, and bound the books. The books sold slowly, for a few shillings each. Today a single copy is worth many thousands of dollars.

Blake's fame as an artist and engraver rests largely on a set of 21 copperplate etchings to illustrate the Book of Job in the Old Testament. However, he did much work for which other artists and engravers got the credit. Blake was a poor businessman, and he preferred to work on subjects of his own choice rather than on those that publishers assigned him. 

"I do not behold the outward creation... it is a hindrance and not action." Thus William Blake explained why his work was filled with religious visions rather than with subjects from everyday life. Few people in his time realized that Blake expressed these visions with a talent that approached genius.


"The Ancient of Days" (1794) Relief Etching with Watercolor, 23.3 x 16.8 cm - 9 1/8 x 6 7/8 in. British Museum, London, UK.

"Nebuchadnezzar" (1795) Tempera.

"Naomi entreating Ruth and Orpah to return to the land of Moab" (1795)

"Richard III and the Ghosts" (circa 1806)

Text source: 'Webmuseum' (www.ibiblio.org/wm).

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