Gothic. The Gothic style began with the architecture of the 12th century, the time of the building of the magnificent Gothic cathedrals. In the realm of painting, the change to the new style became visible around a century after the first of these cathedrals rose. In contrast to the Romanesque and Byzantine styles, the most noticeable feature of the art of the Gothic period is its increased naturalism. The Gothic era in painting spanned more than 200 years, starting in Italy and spreading to the rest of Europe. Towards the end of this period there were some artists in parts of the North who resisted Renaissance influences and kept to the Gothic tradition. As a result, the end of the Gothic timeline overlaps with both the Italian and the Northern Renaissance timelines. The works of Pietro Cavallini and Gentile da Fabriano are good examples of Gothic style in painting.

"The Last Judgement" Detail (1295-1300) Pietro Cavallini

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